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Why Your Business Needs a High-Security Master Key System

Protecting your assets is a key priority when you are in charge of a commercial enterprise. To ensure the security of your investment, you must take all reasonable steps.

At Budget Locksmith of Virginia, we are a reputable locksmith that knows what it takes to safeguard your capital. The use of a well-thought-security key system is one of the most crucial ways to protect your possessions.

Standard locks are easily broken into, which means rekeying or replacing often if you own a business or have rental properties. This can get expensive as well as being less secure.

High security locks are a better choice for anyone who wants to protect their property. If you haven’t upgraded your locks to a high-security product, you may learn how a master key system will aid your business in this article.

Important Characteristics of High-Security Locks

Advanced security locks employ a number of elements that set them apart from the conventional locks.

These qualities consist of:

  • Composition made of heavy metal
  • Defending against drill attacks
  • Bolts have a great strength.
  • The extremely intricate lock cylinder mechanism

Here We Have 6 Advantages of High-Security Door Locks

  1. Support in Reducing Security Investment
    Security guards and conventional door locks must be heavily financed for the large business buildings to feel safe and secure. The cost of this security is extremely high for the company. Worried? Then there would be no reason to worry.The high-security locks are impossible to pick or break thanks to dual-level biaxial key cutting. Due to its intricate internal mechanism, it reduces the long-term cost of protection for residences or commercial buildings.
  1. Restricted Keyway System
    The owners of many homes and businesses have to deal with the issue of their office keys being misplaced or copied without their permission. This is a common problem. However, today's high-security locks come equipped with a one-of-a-kind keyway system that prevents unauthorized copies from being made by previous employees or by anybody else who is not permitted.The majority of keyway systems are protected by patents, which means that the replication of keys is restricted to a single locksmith who possesses an MLA license and has the permission of the company's owner. In this manner, a system for the establishment and upkeep of restricted key control is created and maintained within the business.
  1. Track Your Serialized Keys with Cloud-based Key Tracking Software
    The remote key control system requires a number of different components, one of which is the tracking of the serial keys used in high-security locks. With the assistance of cloud-based tracking software, which is typically provided by the manufacturer of the security lock in question, you are able to keep track of your serial keys.Utilize the program to keep an eye on the people who have keys, to keep track of the precise placement of the keys, and to perform a thorough check on every key access to the door.
  1. Purpose-Built Security Locks
    The high-security locks can be extremely modified to meet the specific requirements of the company. If you need to secure a number of different areas, then you can have these.
  1. Resetting of Locks
    The high-security locks include an internal mechanism of a lock cylinder that is extremely complicated and practically hard to crack. This makes the locks very secure. It's not uncommon to lose track of the keys to your home or business, especially if you have a lot of things going on. Consequently, you should not go ahead and replace the security locks. In addition, high-security locks allow for the resetting of all keys, including the master key, grandmaster key, and any additional keys that may be present.
  1. Work and Sleep with Greater Peace of Mind
    Are you concerned that someone might steal your goods while they are in the office building? Are you feeling anxious about it? Well! You shouldn't be concerned or anxious about it anymore.Your office's safety and security will be elevated to a higher degree if you install a door lock with a high-security rating. Your valuables are safe from any attempts to drill into it because to its composition of heavy metal, its sturdy bolts, and its intricate internal lock cylinder mechanism.

    The next day, when you arrive at your office, you will find that all of your important documents have been preserved in good condition. This will not only help you feel calm and collected while you are at work, but it will also help you have a restful and untroubled sleep at night.

Bonus: The ability to remotely monitor the high-security locks The high-security padlocks of today are also attached to safes and filing cabinets so that valuables and confidential papers can be stored securely. The proprietor of the company is able to remotely monitor and access all of the critical information regarding the security of the building thanks to the high-security lock system. In addition, the proprietor, administrator, or any other authorized employees can access all of the door keys that have been issued by using the accompanying cloud-based software or apps.

To summarize, if you want to improve the safety and security of your residential or commercial facilities, the best option for you will be to install high-security door locks. These door locks come with plenty of benefits, including the restricted key control system, remote monitoring of the security CCTVs and door locks, resetting locks, and many other benefits that are beneficial to the organization's safety and security.

The goal of these door locks is to keep the cost of security at a minimum. In order to have these lock systems installed, you will need the assistance of a professional company that provides services such as Budget Locksmith of Virginia.

We really hope that you found our post to be beneficial, and we would be thrilled to do business with you in the future!

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Re-Keying Your Door Locks

Re-keying locks

If you’ve ever moved into a new house, misplaced your keys, or had to terminate an unhappy employee, you’ve thought about changing your locks. Most individuals are unaware that re-keying your door locks is a far better and often less expensive alternative than replacing them. The budget locksmith will explain what it means to “rekey” a lock and, more significantly, when you should rekey your locks rather than change them. Why is this significant, you may ask? Because it can save you a lot of money every year. Some locksmiths take advantage of the fact that customers are unaware of the distinctions, and instead of discussing the various alternatives with the customer, they pick the more costly one for them.

What is the process of rekeying a lock?

While “changing a lock” is self-explanatory, simply referring to replacing an old lock with a new one, “rekeying” takes more explanation. Rekeying a lock implies changing the working key of the lock to a new key without replacing the lock itself. In other words, you maintain the same lock, but the old key no longer works. This is accomplished by disassembling the lock and changing some of the internal components (referred to as “tumblers” or “key pins”). Every series of key pins in your lock corresponds to a certain key pin, so when you replace those pins with other ones, you establish a new key that will now operate the lock. Despite how hard this may seem; it is a simple technique that should only take a few minutes if the proper equipment is used.

A current matching key is required for the locksmith to rekey a lock. Without the matching key, the only method to rekey the lock is to pick it open, and although this is normally not a problem for an experienced locksmith, it can often incur extra costs that may make it more costly than replacing the lock entirely.

Rekeying a lock does not affect its security or make it more secure. The number of pins included inside a wave is one aspect that contributes to its security. The lock will remain just as safe as before as long as the locksmith replaces the old 5 pins with 5 new ones. If you want to improve the security of your locks, replacing them with newer, more secure models is the way to go.

Because of the incredibly low cost of the key pins in the locks, rekeying is usually always significantly less expensive than replacing your locks. When you rekey your locks, you pay for labor; however, you pay for both labor and components when you have your locks replaced.

Keep in mind that all locks can be rekeyed built-in, so you won’t have to ponder if your locks are rekeyable or not. However, the method for rekeying various locks is not always the same and often necessitates special equipment. Some high-security locks, such as “Medeco” and “Mul-T-Lock,” need a specific set of tools and key pins to be rekeyed.

Rekeying is used not just to retire an old key but also to match more than one lock to the same key. For example, if your property has numerous locks and each lock has a separate key, which might be troublesome, you may wish to rekey the locks to match the same key. Remember that to compare two or more locks for one key; the locks must be of the same brand or have the same keyholes. If your key fits one lock but not the other, it implies that their keyholes (or “keyways”) are different and cannot be matched.

Why is it important?

Unless you are an expert at lock picking or specialize in this profession, it is difficult to open a lock if you do not have the key. But what if someone was able to get a duplicate of the key? Is it still unable to get the lock open? No, since he can now see the key pattern, which will enable him to construct a duplicate or have a copy manufactured. This is why re-keying your door locks is so critical. If someone wants to break into your home, they may make a duplicate and enter without your knowledge. If you detect missing items in your house or find your door locks open after you had previously closed them, it is a good idea to arrange an appointment with your local residential locksmith and get your locks rekeyed.

When should you rekey?

There are several reasons why you should think about rekeying your locks.

  • When you misplaced your keys
    One reason to rekey the locks is as follows: When you lose your keys, you will need an emergency home lockout service, but you will also require a rekeying lock service.
  • After you moved to a new home
    Another cause is that you’ve relocated to a new residence. This protects your property from past tenants’ keys.
  • When a family member or friend moved out of your house
    Someone who has just moved out of your home and has their keys. It might be a roommate, a previous lover or spouse, or a landlord. Rekeying the locks is in your best interests and safety.
  • When your lock has been picked
    When someone has attempted to break into your house, or when the lock seems damaged from a possible burglary. It’s time to improve your security by replacing the broken lock.

When should you change your locks?

  1. You want your locks to have a different color or style. For example, if you moved into a new property and your locks are old and corroded, you may want to replace them with newer, nicer-looking ones.
  2. When you wish to improve your security and replace your locks with high-security or electronic locks.
  3. If you have locks of various brands Lock Change in your home and want them all to function on the same key, you will need to replace some locks so that all of your locks are of the same brand (or have the same sort of keyway), only then can you rekey them all to one key.

If you have one or more locks installed but do not have the key to them, you will need to assess the cost of a new lock vs. rekeying them without a key (which requires additional work) and make an educated choice as to which is most cost-efficient. Only if picking the lock and rekeying it costs more than the cost of a new lock should you replace it.

It is important to note that when you have your locks replaced, the locksmith should be able to provide you with at least a couple of locks that have a matching key. Most hardware shops will also match your locks for free if you buy them.

Can you re-key your locks on your own?

Re-keying your door locks requires not just knowledge and skill but also the purchase of expensive equipment. A professional pinning kit for rekeying most locks is much more than the cost of ten new basic locks. Another thing to remember is that if you attempt to change a lock manually and fail, there isn’t much harm you can do to the lock, but trying to rekey a lock and failing will almost always ruin it.

Some newer locks allow you to quickly rekey them yourself without disassembling them or hiring a locksmith. These locks, such as the Kwikset SmartKey and Schlage SecureKey, are becoming more popular as technology advances, but they are not without problems. So, if rekeying locks isn’t something you often do, I suggest keeping your usual locks on your door for the time being.

The Advantages of Re-keying Your Door Locks

Some people adore the appearance of their locks and want to keep them. The most significant advantage of re-keying your door locks and house locks is that you can continue to use your old hardware while using new keys. In certain circumstances, if a lock isn’t functioning correctly, you should replace it to offer yourself peace of mind by having a functional lock on a door. When it comes to commercial locks for business, you need a professional locksmith to assist you through the stages of implementing a master key system. A keypad lock for the company also facilitates simple access for managers and personnel.

Lock Rekeying and Lock Replacement in the Commercial Sector

Lock rekeying is already important in commercial and industrial settings. Employees left with the master key jammed locks after hours, and even break-ins have occurred. Budget locksmith of Virginia Beach has assisted several companies in securing their facilities by providing high-quality industrial and commercial locksmith services. Whether you have a restaurant with several workers or a factory that needs locks to be replaced, it is best to do it as soon as possible to minimize problems. We advise all company owners not to put things off until the last minute. If you use a lock regularly and it isn’t working properly, contact your local locksmith for assistance.

Budget Locksmith of Virginia Beach provides Rekey services in Virginia Beach. Call us for the finest rekeying services. We provide the best services and best rates.

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What to Do if You’ve Lost Your Keys

Lost Your Keys?

It occurs to everyone at some point. You need to start your car or get into your house. When you look for your keys, they aren’t where they should be. Usually, you never notice you’ve lost your keys until it’s too late. It’s easy to get upset while you’re hurrying out the door or driving home from work. Take a deep breath before fear sets in. Follow this step-by-step guide to transition from a state of panic to complete peace of mind.

  1. Double-check to make sure you don’t have keys with you. Always double-check to ensure that you haven’t forgotten where you put your keys. Purses, shoulder bags, and backpacks are often large enough that keys may be covered by other items within. Make a thorough search of your bag, and if required, empty it to ensure that your keys are not stored in a hidden pouch. Even if you don’t generally carry your keys in a backpack, check all of your pockets to be sure they aren’t hidden someplace with you.
  1. Consider the possibilities of where they may be. Because your keys aren’t where you expected them to be, mentally retrace your movements to figure out where they may be hiding. Questions such as “When was the last time I used my keys?” and “What did I do with my keys after I last used them?” are helpful. Whether you share keys with someone, double-check to see if they’ve been used lately or if they’ve been left in a new location. Also, take into account any deviations from your typical routine that could have resulted in you leaving your keys in an unusual location.
  1. Carry out a thorough investigation. Once you’ve made a mental list of possible hiding locations for your keys, go through the list and check if any of them include your keys. If at all feasible, return to each of these places and do your own investigation. Follow these recommendations to make your search more effective:
  • Be patient, not rushed. It is not necessary to verify the same location several times if you properly inspect it once.
  • Always double-check that you’re in the right area. Keys are frequently found hanging about their given place, even if they are not in the precise position that they should be.
  • If you have the opportunity, clean up the suspicious areas. Keys are often hidden in plain sights, such as beneath sofa cushions or in a stack of mail.
  • Consult with a friend. When hunting for lost keys in public venues such as restaurants or libraries, check with management to see if any keys have been handed in late.

If you are unable to examine all of these locations individually, ask friends or family members to assist you

  1. Contact the authorities to report the loss of keys. This step is optional, but you may contact or visit your local police station to see whether any keys have been handed in. Keys discovered on the streets or in public parks are sometimes turned over to the police and stored in a secure place.
  1. Make use of a spare key.If you’re fortunate enough to have a spare, now is the time to use it. These are occasionally concealed in plain sight; other times, they are in possession of family members or roommates. If you are unable to get to your spare from your current position, contact someone who can explain the issue and ask him or her to assist you in getting out of your jam.
  1. Hire a professional locksmith. It’s tempting at this stage to attempt to get into your home or car using more extreme or hidden methods. Unless it’s an emergency, it’s best to save money and time by hiring a locksmith. Also, if you have discovered your keys but are unable to retrieve them, such as when they are locked in your vehicle, and you do not have a replacement key, a locksmith is your best alternative. Budget locksmiths can assist you in unlocking your house or car as fast as possible without causing any damage to your personal items.
  1. Make a decision on whether to cut a new key or replace your locks.Locksmiths don’t simply open doors in an emergency; they can also provide valuable advice on what to do if you’ve misplaced your keys. Cutting a new key for an existing lock is a suitable alternative in many circumstances, and it’s generally the least costly. If you’re worried about someone using your missing keys, it’s a good idea to change your locks. Locksmiths deal with situations like these on a regular basis. Therefore, they are an excellent resource when making this choice.
  2. Take preventative measures. People are more cautious about keeping hold of their keys once they have misplaced them. Take precautionary measures now, while the situation is still fresh in your memory, to save time and worry in the future. If you don’t have a spare set of keys, you should get them made by a locksmith. These new keys should be kept in a secure but conveniently accessible location such as your workplace or garage. A mailbox or a flower planter should be avoided since many burglars start their search there first.

New Home Lock Change & Security Upgrades

So, now that you have finally been able to move into your new house, how can you ensure that anything like this never happens again? The steps you take may be influenced by whether the key has been lost or taken in part. However, whether they were stolen or misplaced, lost home keys are a security hazard and should be avoided at all costs. This is especially true if your home keys have any identifying markers that might be used to trace them back to you if they are lost or stolen.

Locks should be changed.

If you have lost or stolen keys, you must replace the keys and change the locks. In addition, if the lock becomes damaged when you are opening the doors, you should replace it. Depending on the kind of lock that you have put on the door, it may not be required to replace the complete lock system. There are several less expensive alternatives listed below.

Locks should be rekeyed.

Rekeying is a less expensive alternative to replacing the complete lock, yet it is just as effective. Hopefully, there was no damage to the lock, and it is a model that can be rekeyed if necessary. It is possible to rekey a lock by changing or rearranging the combination pins inside it, making it so that a new key may be used to unlock it. It renders the old key useless.

Make a new set of keys.

You should only use this option if you have thoroughly investigated the case and are certain that there is no danger of someone discovering the old keys, tracking your home, and using the key to gain entry into your residence. Cutting a new key is a simple and inexpensive process that may be completed by a professional locksmith. The replacement keys will be a carbon copy of the original set of home keys that were lost.

Install a keyless entry system.

These are electronic locks that do not need the use of a physical key. There is no possibility of your house keys going missing in the future if you choose this option. You may unlock keyless locks by entering a code into a keypad, ring dial, or smartphone app, among other methods. Those who lose their keys on a regular basis may consider using this option. Some of them also give you the option of using an actual key to unlock the door.

It’s never pleasant to misplace your keys, but it does happen every now and again. If this occurs to you, keep in mind that Budget locksmith is merely a phone call away. With years of expertise, we take great pride in meeting all of your business and home locksmith requirements. We have a broad range of keys, locks, and a variety of additional security supplies for your house or company. Budget locksmith is the company to call if you want to improve the security of your house or business or if you have a security problem. Please contact us professionally. We will assist you and provide you best options to get out of the nightmare situation and will get your desired keys on time.